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Dr George Gilbert – “The Russian Revolution”

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One thought on “Dr George Gilbert – “The Russian Revolution”

  1. My main research interest is Russian and European intellectual history. My dissertation, “Orthodox Political Theologies: Clergy, Intelligentsia and Social Christianity in Revolutionary Russia” reconstructed the intellectual history of the Orthodox Left during the hectic revolutionary years in late Imperial Russia and restored the historical intelligibility of failed social Christian projects by interpreting them in the framework of Orthodox political theologies. The research contributed to the study of comparative history, global intellectual history and secularism studies. My research will be published as a book chapter in a forthcoming volume titled Religion and the Russian Revolution by Indiana University Press. I am also interested in methodological questions of the history of global political thought. I coordinated two successful workshops at the Central European University that promoted research on non-Western intellectual contexts with the participation of an interdisciplinary group of scholars.

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